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Connect to the modem over WiFi or with an ethernet cable
Open a web browser
Clear the URL bar and then type and hit Enter - If you do not see the login page for the modem, then try and hit Enter

You should see a box asking for the modem password
Password is either attadmin or ADMIN#1

Click Settings

Click Network

Click Connections > Click on Turn off mobile data  

Click Apply
Click APN 
Click Add
In Profile Name box, type -    VZ
In APN box, type -   so01.VZWSTATIC

PDP Type: IPV4

Authentication: none

Click Save
Click Profile Selection and then click VZ
Click Set Default

Click Connections> Click on 'Turn on mobile data'

Click Apply

Power the modem off

Wait 30 seconds

Power the modem on again 

Wait 60 seconds and then see if it works.

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