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There are ways to save data so that you don't exceed your monthly allowance. We hope these help.

Video streaming - uses more data than anything else

  • You can reduce your data usage while streaming video by setting the video definition to 720p or lower

  • High definition streaming uses twice as much data as standard definition

  • 4K streaming uses 7 - 9 Gbs per hour while 720p uses 1 Gb per hour 

  • Make sure you exit streaming services before powering off your TV

  • Set timers for your streaming services so they aren't playing while you are sleeping or away


  • If your game console includes a web browser, make sure to close the browser and end any active sessions when you aren't using it

  • Download games or software updates on the last day of your data cycle

Computers, tablets or smartphones

  • Exit and close programs you are not using

  • Limit the frequency of application and software updates on smartphones and tablets to critical and security updates only or update them on the last day of your data cycle

  • Turn off unused devices

Other ways to save

  • Make sure your wireless network is secured with a good Wi-Fi password

  • Limit the size and resolution of video when using video chat

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