BULLFEATHERS Connect is 200Gbs of internet service per month with no hidden fees and no contract. 

Internet service is transmitted to your home from a local wireless tower. Service will not be available in all areas & speeds vary based on many factors including location, terrain, weather, home construction and network congestion. If you are interested in signing up for our Connect internet service, please call us. We will collect payment over the phone and get your information in order to complete the paperwork. Then we will schedule an appointment for you to come in, sign and pick up your device. We allow new customers to cancel the service within 24 hours for a refund of the activation fee and internet usage minus $1 for every 2 Gbs of data used during the trial. The equipment must be returned to Bullfeathers within 24 hours after it is picked up for a refund to be processed. However, there is no contract so you can cancel your service at any time.

When you come to sign and pick up your device, please bring a picture identification and your cell phone so that you can connect to the device to ensure that it works before you leave the store.


Please don't forget to wear your face mask.

Call                             for more information.