BULLFEATHERS Connect is unlimited internet service
with no hidden fees and no contract

Activation Fee  (required)                                                                                  $60.00                                                    

Equipment pricing:                                                    Purchase Option                                 Non Purchase Option   

  MODEM (required)                                                        $150 + tax                                                      $0

  Internet Service                                                          $90 per month                                       $100 per month

  Equipment Maintenance                                    $4 per month (optional)                                    included


At the time of activation, the customer pays the activation fee of $60 and one full month of internet service.                    ($160 at the time of activation)

If the customer is purchasing the modem, they will pay an additional $150 for the modem + sales tax.

            ($60 + 90 + 157.95 = $307.95 at the time of activation)

Please give 10 days notice when you are ready to discontinue service. If the modem was not purchased, it must be returned to the store within 3 days of service being cancelled or disconnected. If the modem is not returned to Bullfeathers, you will be billed $150 + tax for the modem.

Call                             for more information.