BULLFEATHERS Connect is cellular based internet service 
with no hidden fees and no contract 

Activation Fee  (required)                                                                                  $60.00                                                    

Equipment pricing:                                                    Purchase Option                                     Non Purchase Option   

  MODEM (required)                                                        $150 + tax                                                            $0

  500 Gbs of Internet Service                                   $129 per month                                           $139 per month

  Unlimited Internet                                 $129 every 30 days + modem ($350 + tax)                 not available

  Equipment Maintenance                  $4 per month (optional -on 500 Gb plan only)                   included


At the time of activation for the 500Gb+ plan, the customer pays the activation fee of $60 and one full month of internet service. If the customer is purchasing the modem, they will pay an additional $150 for the modem + sales tax. SIM cards can take 2 - 4 business days to be activated.

At the time of activation for the unlimited plan, the customer pays the activation fee of $60, $129 for the first 30 days of internet service, and $350 + tax for the Teltonika modem. Payment is due every 30 days. SIM cards can be activated immediately.


Please give 10 days notice when you are ready to discontinue service. If you purchased the modem, you only need to return the SIM card to Bullfeathers in order to cancel your service and billing. We cannot cancel the service until we receive the SIM card. You can mail it to PO Box 397 Onley, VA  23418. If the modem was not purchased, it must be returned to the store within 3 days of service being cancelled or disconnected. You cannot cancel your service by phone. If the modem is not returned to Bullfeathers, you will be billed $150 + tax for the modem. We do NOT refund internet service.

Call for more information.